snow day struggles

Snow days are what dreams are made of.
At least they can be.

 A full day that has been devoted to being stuck inside, unable to venture out into the world, unnecessary to accomplish the plans that had been previously laid out for your weekday. Snow days are one of the many joys that go hand-in-hand with being a teacher, one of those simple pleasures you develop as a kid that you don't have to give up, even though you're now a working professional. 

I think today was the first day I haven't utterly enjoyed my snow day. 

It was supposed to be the first day back from a much needed two-week break, a break that was the perfect mix of travel, family time, catching up on chores around the house, and relaxation. A break that I hated to see end, but, honestly, needed to end. {Who would have ever thought I'd say that?!}

I've come to a point in my life where order, structure, and routine are a good thing. I need my days to have a purpose and a goal... so then I can enjoy the days that don't. I've had a few too many of the latter lately, so they're no longer as enjoyable as they were two weeks ago.

On top of itching to get back into the routine of things, another downfall to this snowy day is that I spent most of the day cut off from the world... the world wide web, at least. ;) Our internet just couldn't hold up to those billowy conditions. 

Isn't awful how attached we get? I had a few minor school things that I couldn't get accomplished without it, and even worse, I couldn't appropriately spend my snow day vegging out in front of Netflix. It was a travesty. 

After an hour or so of twiddling my thumbs and trying my darndest to enjoy daytime television, I finally remembered that I had a sewing project I had been meaning to complete. A perfect way to salvage my failing snow day. 

I first made this headband for my cousin, Drakshya for Christmas. I've seen several like it on Etsy or various craft blogs and I always think they're just so cute! Honestly, I almost kept the one I made for Drakshya but be decided against it {what kind of present giver would that make me?!}. Plus, I knew I had plenty of fabric to make another one on another day. So I decided I could wait it out.
I originally started with a quarter yard of fabric, though I'm not exactly sure what material it is... I think it's either velvet or velveteen. Not positive though. :/ 
{my textiles professor would be shaking her head}. 

1. I cut the fabric into approximately 5" strips 2. folded it {right-sides together} 3. sewed up the side and 4. flipped it right-side out. 
Once I had a "tube" I measured it to my head and cut and sewed the ends together. The remaining portion of the tube becomes the bow... decide how big you want it {it sould be double the length that you actually want}, and then cut and sew again. {no pictures for these steps :/}

5. I then made an even smaller tube using scraps {for the middle part of the bow}. Once that is made, position the "bow" piece to where the seam aligns with the headband's seam and wrap the new small tube around the middle. 
6. Sew the ends together and you have a bow on your headband. 7. As a finishing touch, I tacked down the corners of the  bow so that it would lay flat on the headband. 
Clear as mud? ;)
Though this wasn't necessarily the snow day of my dreams, it wasn't all bad. I did get a cute headband out of it and am wrapping it up with The Bachelor premiere... not too bad at all. And looks like I'll have tomorrow to practice snow day gratefulness too. 


  1. Today is our SIXTH DAY this year. And while I'm using the first one doing a snow dance, I think I'm over it!!!!

    This Bach season looks GOOOOOD!!!!!!

  2. It came out so cute! You rock!