Looking back on 2012, I feel that I gained a lot of perspective. 

Learning to find contentment and joy in every circumstance. Choosing to be happy where I am in the moment, rather than waiting for the future to bring bigger and better things. Trusting the Lord's plans and timing rather than my own. 

These haven't been easy lessons, and I certainly haven't mastered them, but they have been so so beneficial for me. Life is what you make it, and 2012 taught me to live in the present rather than always waiting for tomorrow.

Though we usually don't make New Year's Resolutions, Derek said his only goal last year was to find a better job and get out of Garden City. I was in complete agreement because I just had to get out of that place and I wanted to be closer to family and friends.

Like I said though, I slowly became more content over the year and more at peace with our current situation. Realizing and accepting that it was truly where we were supposed to be in the moment. I actually started really loving how things were going, not really worrying about what could make our life better. Life was good.

And then... Derek was offered a "better job that would get him out of Garden City." huh.
God's timing is funny that way. 

It's a bittersweet feeling actually, one I didn't expect. I am so so soooo excited to be closer to "home" and family and friends, but I'm also a little bit sad. I dread leaving my students and the school that "broke me in," saying good bye to my new friends, knowing that facebook will be the only real way to keep in touch, and moving away from our first home together and the community that we've slowly learned to embrace. 

I'm so happy to be wrapping up the year with the feelings of excitement and anticipation that we didn't have last year. I'm also thankful that I have learned to appreciate our first home and will be able to look back on it with positive memories and a grateful heart, rather than with bitterness. 

This year has been better than I expected and exactly what I needed. I hope you can say the same!
Happy 2013!

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