While I was home for Christmas I was able to help throw a shower for one of my cousins. This is actually her fourth baby, but the first little boy. Our family is pretty heavily saturated with ladies, so it was exciting to venture away from pink and purple!

I'll be honest, my aunt who I threw the shower with did most of the work {it's kind of hard to plan a shower from a different state, especially in the process of moving}, so I can't take much credit for how cute it turned out.

But, I did have a hand in a few of the cutesy details.

My cousin is going with a sailboat theme for the nursery, so we decided to keep that theme for the shower too. I found these cute anchor and sailboat cookie cutters on ebay and knew they would be a perfect addition to the cake!

I unfortunately had to buy a hand mixer while I was there, because even though I lugged my Kitchen Aide mixer allllll the way to Missouri, I somehow forgot to bring any of the attachments that go with it... so that was kind of cool. It made the icing situation a little more complicated, but I think they still turned out cute.

I also made this bunting to hang on and above the table.

Don't you love the name Benjamin? I think it's adorable! {We actually had a bit of a name situation for awhile... they were tossing around a name that Derek and I are pretty sold on, so we had to call dibs! haha It all worked out... after a black eye or two. Juuuuust kidding.}

I had to sew it on the floor since my desk was still in Kansas, but I actually kind of liked it. Maybe I'll sew on the floor more often.

Like I said, I can't take too much credit, but it was still a fun day! And Benjamin made out like a bandit!
Mission accomplished.

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  1. love the slippers! love the name Benjamin! Love the sailboat cookies! love you!