Top Knot Time!

I like to wear my hair on top of my head. A lot {as seen in most of the pictures I end up posting of myself}. So today {at the request of some lovely readers}, I thought I'd show you how I create my Pebbles-esque top knot. 

It's really quite simple and requires very little effort {which is probably why I love it so much}, but I must admit it's not completely original. 

I first learned how to do this from Sydney {yes, she personally taught me herself... in a video tutorial, I mean}, way back before she had her own website {I think she had a blogger blog then}, but I'm pretty sure she removed her tutorials when she switched over. 

So, since I can't direct you to her much-better video tutorial, I'll just show you myself. The old-fashioned way... with pictures. By the way, don't you love how I'm talking about Sydney like we're bffs? We pretty much are. Even though she doesn't know I exist... minor detail.

Also, I hijacked my husband's office in these pictures, so excuse the geeky decor. :) Love you husband! 

Anywho, on to the tutorial... 

What you need:
Dirty Hair
Dry Shampoo {not necessarily a need, but I like to keep it around}
1 Hair-tie
Several Bobby Pins
Hair Spray

Step 1:
Brush your hair out. If using dry shampoo, spray it all over and brush through again after a couple minutes. I'm actually using third-day hair in this tutorial, though I usually prefer to wash my hair every-other day... my hair is so thin and fine it does next to nothing on the day I wash it. Blah.

Step 2:
 Put your hair in a ponytail on top of your head. I typically use a brush to keep my hair smooth because my scalp usually shows when I have bumps {fine and thin hair, remember?}, but if you have thicker hair, the bumps usually give it character and make it seem more casual.

Step 3:
With a fine-toothed comb {or whatever you prefer} rat that sucker up! I usually divide my ponytail into 3-4 sections to do this. The bigger the better, baby!

Step 4:
Slightly smooth out one side {this will be the the visible part that you don't want to look like a hot mess... I usually do the right} and start swooping your hair around the center of the ponytail {again, I usually go right to left}. 

Step 5:
Use about 4-5 bobby pins to secure the bun to the top of your head... it doesn't have to be completely perfect, just secure.

Step 6: 
Now that your bun is secure, use however many bobby pins are necessary to smooth out, shape, and perfect the bun. I have layers {and I'm a perfectionist}, so I usually end up using about 10 bobby pins total. When you're happy with the look, spray, spray, spray. Hairspray is your friend... especially if you're like me and live in a place where the wind is the devil. :)

Have fun rockin' your top knots this weekend ladies! And if someone does happen to refer to you as Pebbles, try not to act like Bam Bam! 


  1. 1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    2. I love dirty hair. I prefer it.
    3. We have the same hair issues. Fine. Thin. Limp the day of washing hair.
    4. Here I go to attempt this.

  2. Girl, I love your tutorial. I also miss Sydney's tutorials - I remember watching this one when she made it! You did a great job of making the bun look neat once it's up, which was always my downfall. I'm loving your blog, so glad I found it!