Wearing: Scarf Style

My name is Jamie and I'm a scarf-aholic. I seriously could not tell you how many scarfs I own. Well, I could... if I counted them. But I'm choosing not to. I'm pretty sure any normal person would say it's too many though, so stay out of my closet! :) 

Scarves: Charming Charlie's, Sunglasses & Shoes: Target, Shorts: American Eagle {though they're actually hand-me-downs from way back in high school :)}, Shirts: Forever 21/ Target
The problem with summer is that I always feel slightly silly on the days that I give into my addiction. I usually try to wear them with really summery things, like tank tops so that the fact I'm wearing a scarf in 100+ degree weather is balanced out. That makes sense, right?

Anyway, while I was in Dallas, shopping with my sister-in-law, we decided to take a stroll through Charming Charlie's. I've had a gift card to that place for over a year, but I always feel overwhelmed when I go in... so many shiny things! 

One of the first things I noticed when I walked in was a mannequin wearing a scarf perfect for summer... knotted at both ends and draped over the shoulders. Loved it! So began my mission to distract myself from everything shiny and look solely for some cute new scarves {like I needed them}, and it was just my luck that nearly every one I found was on sale! Most likely because it's summer and normal people are not interested in draping themselves with even more fabric. Their loss, my gain I say!

Bangles: Windsor, Scarf: Charming Charlie's
With the gift card and the sale, I got both these bad boys for $4! Not too shabby. I also just got these bangles from Windsor online... $2.50! And that's how it's done, folks.

p.s. don't mind the fact that I'm wearing the same shorts and shoes in both outfits, I'm just cool that way.

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  1. Charming Charlie is trouble for sure! I want to buy everything!!

  2. I love scarfs in summer... you are wearing yours perfectly! What a great deal too - awesome!