An Experiment

I know it's old news, but I really like ombre hair {not to be confused with a Spanish man, which is what my husband thought I was referring to when I said ombre}. 

But only when it's really subtle, kind of like this: 
I actually usually have somewhat ombre-ish hair naturally. The sun is pretty good at bleaching out my tips in the summer, thus resulting in the ombre effect. Anna even found an old picture of me on facebook and told me I had ombre hair before I knew it was cool {what she didn't realize was that I was actually in the process of trendsetting. I'm pretty good at that... I swear I made moccasins cool back in the day, but that's another story.

The problem however, is that I've stopped soaking up the sun as much in my old age and therefore have been lacking my natural ombre coolness. So, I had to take matters into my own hands. 

I'm kind of what you would call a cheapskate frugal, so I wasn't really interested in paying big money for professionally styled ombre {plus, if I'm honest, I don't really trust the hairstylists around here to do it... GC is kind of 10 years behind the times... we're just now thinking cakepops are cool, we'll discover fro-yo and macaroons eventually.}

My solution: Sun In. 
Remember basking in the glory days of summer, making sure to soak your hair in lemon juice or {if you were a high roller}, Sun In itself? No? Ok, I actually never did this either, but I had friends who did. {You know what they say, your strongest memories are mostly made up. You did know they said that, didn't you?}.

Anyway... I bought some Sun In the other day and thus began my experiment. I'm not going to show you how it turned out just yet, because honestly it's not a major difference so far. Right now I would say my hair looks the way it used to look naturally {when the sun bleached the tips} but I'm hoping to get better results. I'll keep track of how many applications I use and the final result and let you know how it turns out {if it's even worth mentioning, that is}. Wish me luck!

Doesn't summer always feel like the best time for experimenting? Hubs in the the process of maybe growing a beard and I might get straight bangs again! Are you in the the process of any fun, summer experiments?

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