Workin' It Out: Thompson Style

I guess you could say the Thompsons have grown since the wedding. And not in a good way. We really need to get healthier {aka lose. some. weight.}. 

Most people do this by dieting, but that's not really in the cards for us... at least not yet. You see, we really like food. And while I'm all about going on a huge health kick, and eating super healthy, Mr. T is a bit pickier than myself. So we decided to start by getting more active. 

I really wanted to do Couch to 5K, but Derek wasn't super into that idea. He wanted to simply make a habit of doing fun activities more often, like walking the dogs and playing disc golf {he's been really into disc golf lately}. 

So, like the super skilled married people we are {kidding. We're definitely a work in progress!}, we compromised. 

The plan: every other day we head down to the disc golf course and play at least the first 9 holes. And since some of the holes have a pretty long stretch between them, we jog to each new hole. BAM! Compromise.

I've gotta be honest, the only reason I finally agreed to this compromise is because Derek bought me two new discs, and the colors go perfectly with the pink one I've had for awhile! They make me happy, and therefore make me want to play more. 

Aren't they pretty? 

I don't mind disc golf normally, but playing in the Kansas wind is not my definition of fun. I get really annoyed when my throw looks oh-so-pretty and then gets caught by the wind and flies 20 yards in the wrong direction. Sooo frustrating!! 

Plus, our only course is on the community college's campus and has holes along 2 main roads in town, so I always feel slightly embarrassed doin' my thang in front of an audience. 

We also see a lot of these guys... 
Which makes me slightly uncomfortable. I mean, they're not usually yelling like this one here, but today one of them almost ran across my foot. I don't know who was more freaked out, me or the tiny baby prairie dog. We've tried to get pictures a time or two, but those little boogers are quick!

We did, however, get a few pictures of ourselves today {courtesy of Derek's iphone}, but after looking at them, I kind of wish we hadn't! 

Derek is obviously the more skilled player...

Yikes! At least my discs are pretty. :) 

Hope you're enjoying the summer as much as we are! Have a great weekend friends!

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