The other night  the hubs and I got to have an impromptu movie night. It was a special treat! He normally works until the wee hours of the morning {except on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays} but when he got off before 11 the other night, we decided to celebrate with Redbox and convenience store candy. 

We're pretty classy folks. 
We had been planning to see the movie In Time for quite some time, but never seemed to find the time to watch it {yes, I did mean to say time that many times... there I go again}. 

Anyway... as we were watching, Derek became increasingly annoyed and thought it was pretty cheesy {because they said the word time A LOT, and the plot was kind of weak} and thus began making repetitive time puns. 

Don't you just hate when people talk during movies? 
I wasn't very appreciative of his timely remarks at first, but by the end I was making a few of my own. 

{via Pinterest}

My point is {yes, I have one} that it would be such a shame if time really were money. To constantly be working as hard as possible just to live another day. 


But isn't that what we kind of do anyway?? Work ourselves silly and forget there's a life worth living outside of careers and bills and schedules and budgets? 

I tell ya what, so far I haven't been too impressed with this whole "real-world/adult" thing, always feeling like my brain's on overtime instead of simply enjoying life. 

I need to slow down and enjoy the simple things. Like impromptu movie nights, convenience store candy, and annoying time puns. And I'm guessing you do too. So, I'll leave you with this...

Tii-iii-iii-ime is on myyyy side, yes it is

You're welcome. You're also welcome for all those cute watches/clocks I found on Pinterest. Love them. 
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  1. Being an adult sucks!

    1. Word! At least you're a mommy-adult... that's gotta be an added bonus! :) And speaking of, I wanna see that guy so bad! He soooo cute!!