Wanna go to Santa Fe? Ok. Sweet!

Well, that might not be exactly how the conversation went, but the point is, we took a completely spontaneous trip this weekend! So.Much.Fun!!!

At about 8pm on Friday, Derek threw out the idea of going to Roswell {for a comic book convention} but after a thorough investigation {by myself} it was decided that a 9+ hour drive to an over-hyped town for a comic book convention would not be an ideal adventure. What was decided {again, by myself... Derek was back at work by this point} was that a weekend jaunt to Santa Fe would be superb.

It took me awhile to convince the mister {as in, he wasn't totally sold until we had been there about an hour}, but it was definitely an adventure worth taking! 

Honestly, I think my favorite part was just the spontaneity of it all. We didn't do any touristy research on the place and left home with absolutely no expectations. Although apparently I had been there before, and just forgot {I thought I had been to a different part of NM}. 

Our only plans: explore a new place and have a good time doing it. 

In the end, it did feel a little long for a completely spontaneous adventure {about 8 hours since we took our time "road-trippin' it"}, but definitely full of memories! We even decided we liked road trips so much we might make them a regular Thompson tradition! Which is a good thing because we definitely plan to get one of these guys someday {though probably bigger, and Derek prefers the silver ones}:


Some highlights of the trip:

- Got called Pebbles by a cute, little, old Indian man {geez, how many adjectives do I need?!} at the downtown market. He was so darn cute that it didn't hurt my feelings.

- Got to experience the ultimate tourist destinations: Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. {What, you don't visit grocery stores when you vacation? Weird.} Since I obviously didn't need groceries, my souvenirs were chocolate and LaCroix.  Good enough for me!

- Tried my first savory crepe. Delicious! {I also tried the worst sushi of my life; I literally thought I might get sick. :( I don't know if they have a different way of doing it in New Mexico or what, but it was so bitter. Yuck.}

- Scenic drives with my man. Singing random songs. Pretending we were the real deal {who needs National Geographic when you have 2 Thompsons, an iPhone, and a Cybershot?}

Soooo much beautiful scenery!!!! I forget how pretty our country is, living in SW Kansas... I'm not saying all of Kansas is dull and boring, but the southwest region pretty much is! 

Also, a few things I learned about Derek:

1. He doesn't have quite as much of the impromptu gene that I seem to have. At first I was getting frustrated, but then it just made me laugh to realize how different we are in that way. 

He kept wanting to make a plan, look up restaurant reviews, keep track of the stores we wanted to check out. I, on the other hand wanted to stroll the streets, choose a place to eat based on the curb appeal, and pop in to whatever stores caught my attention. 

2.  He's a pretty good catch {not that I didn't already know that}, but remember how I said one of my highlights was Trader Joe's and Whole Foods? Guess who willingly strolled the grocery store aisles without hesitation? That guy! He did however make some oinking noises at me a time or two, but I guess I kind of deserve that! haha

and 3. For some reason he seems to enjoy taking pictures of me looking at menus. Weird.

I think it's fun that we're still learning so much about each other {and will be for years, I'm sure}! We make a good pair, Mr. Thompson and I. 

Got any summer adventures up your sleeves?


  1. I am requesting a tutorial on that adorable top bun. Please. Not that I could pull it off.

    1. You could totally pull it off! And it's so easy!! I'll try to get a tutorial up soon. :)

  2. Diddo that^

    Not that my hair could do that, but still. Yes, please. And those sunglasses are super cute! Where from??

    1. Thanks friend, they're from Target. :)

  3. Stumbled across you blog and am so glad! This trip looks like a blast. Did you use the sockbun technique for your hair or something else? Looking forward to reading more! xo

    1. Thanks Tori, glad to meet you! I've never tried the sock bun technique actually, just good ole bobby pins. :)

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