Wearing: Teacher Chic I

If I'm honest, one of my favorite things about school being back in session is the fact that I have a reason to dress nice again. I really love dressing up, but always feel silly wearing nice outfits when I'm just going to be home all day, or just running to the store. Such a waste, ya know?!

In other words, I was pretty much a bum all summer and am enjoying feeling human again. :)

I've also recently discovered this new app that totally appeals to my geeky, clothes-obsessed self. It's called Cloth. You should really check it out!

See, I have this weird phobia of always wearing the same outfit over and over and not realizing it. I don't know what's wrong with me, but sometimes I nearly have a panic attack because "I can't remember what I wore last Tuesday and I don't want to wear the same thing this week, and especially not this Tuesday... I mean, heaven forbid someone see me in the same outfit more than once a month, right?!" 

Honestly, I'm not that bad, but these thoughts seriously cross my mind. And yes, I do realize that sounds ridiculous. But it's true. 

So, that's where my new best friend app comes in... it's basically like a clothing diary. You can upload pictures of outfits, write comments about them {like when/where you wore it}, categorize them by where you would wear them {work, everyday, formal, etc.}, and even tag the outfits with different labels {polka dots, stripes, dress, skirt} which makes it easier to find the outfits you've worn in the past. I've been so excited about it!!

My husband is now completely convinced that I'm a big geek, but what can I say, we make a good pair.  ;)

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  1. Are those shoes from Express? That last pic??? I have them!

  2. Ok, I love your outfits. You look adorable. Want to know something? I have that same polka dot shirt. I'm wearing it today on my blog, but it looks tons better on you! I'm actually asking for help on how to style it. It's fun seeing something you have on someone else. It gives me ideas on how to wear it.


  3. I wish you were my teacher!!!

  4. Hurray for reasons to dress up! I like dressing up for no reason too...but staying home all summer in a home without air-con has mostly left me wanting to wear as little clothing as possible. :P

  5. that is seriously the coolest app! I'll be a geek with you. :)