Who needs an Olympic medal...

I got a blogger award!! 

How cool, right?! Now I'll be honest, I'm not exactly sure how these blogger awards are supposed to work, but I was still excited to be given the honor by the lovely Danavee of This Vintage Grove! She's my only real "blog friend" so far, but I definitely found a winner! She's so so sweet and I have come to enjoy our little chats. 

So, about the award... I received the One Lovely Blog award and from my understanding it means I'm supposed to tell some random facts about myself as well as give out some blog love by nominating others. Seems easy enough... so here's some facts that you probably didn't know about me and maybe didn't want to. :) 

  1. I played 4 years of varsity soccer in high school. 
  2. I also played the tuba. Yep, that big ole' brass thing. I've always had this weird thing about being unique, so I guess in 6th grade that translated into choosing the instrument that only boys chose? Makes since, right? :) 
  3. Although I teach Family and Consumer Sciences, I never took a FCS class. I loved all the subject areas, but always chose other classes instead. 
  4. There are 5 nationalities represented in my family... American {duh}, Mexican {uncle}, English {aunt}, Indian {cousin}, and Haitian {2 aunts and 1 uncle... who happen to be in 10th, 8th, and 6th grade. nbd!}
  5. By the time we were married, Derek and I had actually lived in different states longer than we had lived in the same city. When he moved to Kansas we had been dating about a year and a half... the rest of our "dating"/ engagement was just a little bit longer than that. Glad that's over! 

And now, for my nominations... Since I'm pretty new to the whole blogging thing, and don't currently have too many blog friends, I decided to nominate just a few of my "real life" friends who happen to have blogs! 

Drum roll please... The nominations go to:


There you have it ladies, all you have to do is link back to me, share a few random facts of your own, and nominate some other worthy bloggers! Or just make up your own rules... like I kind of did. :)

In other news, since this is kind of a wordy post, here's a sneak peak at a project I will be posting about next week! 
What could it be?? I love surprises! 

Happy Friday! :)


  1. Oh Jamie, so sweet. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get where I am today!

    1. Haha no problem friend! Miss you!!

  2. I love that you played the tuba. It cracks me UP! And thank you for your kind words! I made up the rules for myself too!!! ;)