When life gives you lemons...

If you happen to follow me on instagram, you might have noticed that our a/c decided to quit working on Thursday. We were somewhat in denial and decided to "wait it out" but by Friday morning we knew it was done for. Derek told our landlord, who sent someone by in the afternoon, but unfortunately it was more complicated than the maintenance man could handle and we had to wait until Saturday for someone to come by and completely replace the unit. 

Meanwhile, my way of coping included escaping to my classroom to get some work done as well as posting pitiful pictures like these:
I also did a lot of reminiscing about the semester I spent in Tanzania... I lived in Africa for an entire semester without an air conditioner, but it's just different when you actually have one and it's not working, ya know?! 
Such an injustice! haha

I also became very thankful for 1. The invention of a/c 2. Being a renter and not having to shell out the dough for a replacement and 3. An awesome husband who helps turn everything into an adventure!

Our first night without air, we we went to bed with the windows open. Our bed is right under the window in our bedroom, and luckily there was a slight breeze... however about 10 minutes later the breeze was accompanied by the first rain we've had in months! Normal people probably would have closed the windows as quickly as possible, but not us! 

We left it open as long as we could stand it, enjoying the rain drops and their lovely scent. We probably would have left the window open all night, except the lovely scent quickly turned into a smell that made you wish you didn't have a nose!! Ick, gotta love SW Kansas... smells like money. And if you're not aware, "money" smells like cow poop. Gross, gross, gross!

Day two without air was considerably hotter... by the time we were getting ready for bed our apartment was 97 degrees!!! Insane! Chocolate in the pantry was melting; things were falling off the walls in Derek's office. 
Insane, I tell you!

While some people moped around and posted pathetic pictures on instagram {me} other people {Derek} came up with brilliant ideas... like sleeping on the balcony! No need for a tent when you have a deck, right?! 
As soon as Derek even mentioned the idea I was packing up blankets and pillows, completely on board! We entertained ourselves with our tablets and dogs, and also met our new neighbors {who probably think we're complete weirdos now, but what can you do?!
I can't say it was the best I've ever slept, but at least I slept! And, not to mention, made yet another memory with my man! 

When life gives you lemons... sleep on the balcony!


  1. Well my oh my, don't you have the cutest blog on the block!! So glad you commented on mine so I could pop over here and check your blog out. Sorry your a/c went out (that must have been miserable!), but it made for a great post and lessons learned... about lemons ;)

  2. Sweet! Next time maybe you can camp on the balcony just for fun!

    1. Yes, we definitely will!! I don't know why we hadn't thought of it before.

  3. so glad you stopped by my blog! ive enjoyed checking yours out as well, yalls are too dang cute! i also love looking through your wedding photos, your mismatching bridesmaids dresses were too cute! i'm hoping to pull off that concept for my wedding as well, glad it worked out so good for yours!